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Traffic Tickets/ Driving Infractions

Traffic Tickets/Driving Infractions

 We specialize in:

- SPEEDING                                     - NEGLIGENT DRIVING

- HOV LANE                                     - DISTRACTED DRIVING

- SPEED TOO FAST                      - FOLLOWING TOO CLOSE

- RED LIGHT|STOP SIGN            - Other types of traffic violations

Have you received a ticket on the streets or highways of King, Pierce, Snohomish County, Vancouver, or Portland? 

Before paying the ticket, consider the effect it will have on your driving record or insurance rates.  

Your options include paying the fine, going to the hearing to request a reduction of the fine or contest the infraction.  We can help.  We will request and review discovery to make sure all applicable statutes have been followed in issuance of your ticket.  We will fight to reduce or dismiss your ticket.

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