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Northwest Legal, PLLC is a Washington State  law firm with a focus on personal injury, infractions, and civil litigation.  We are consistent, patient, and professional; giving each case the attention it deserves. By working with our exceptionally skillful team of lawyers, our clients achieve remarkable results as we work together to meet their legal needs.

At Northwest Legal, PLLC each lawyer comes from a unique background, yet together they possess years of experience and a multiplicity of strengths. Our staff gives you the edge you need to win your case.


Experienced and Strategic


Each case is handled with care and dedication; from your initial consultation with the attorneys to the final resolution of your case.  We utilize modern technologies and practice collaboratively with other professionals to resolve legal matters efficiently. We do not give up until we reach the desired results.  


Come in and meet our team to see their determination, passion, and outstanding professional abilities.





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Until an attorney-client relationship has been established, including execution of the fee agreement and a conflict check, we urge  you to avoid sharing any confidential information in the below contact form or in your initial e-mail. 

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